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Create a free listing, then drop it off in the mailbox with a pre-paid label when you make a sale. Easy!



Find the perfect outfit without breaking the bank

Choose from large selection of sarees, lehengas and more, and find the right accessories, too.



Help girls in need

myKlosets has tied up with NGO's in the U.S. and India to send clothing and proceeds to help the most vulnerable girls.

How it Works


1.) Enter the email address that's on file with your myKlosets account.

2.) You'll receive an email containing a link to reset your password. When you click this link, you'll be directed back to myKlosets where you can create a new passwordfor your account.

3.) You'll receive a second email saying your password has been changed.

To sign in to your account, you can enter either your username or the email address you used to register. Your password is also required.

You must create an account with us in order to make a purchase on myKlosets.

When you buy on myKlosets, you're purchasing from an individual. If you have any questions about an item or order, reach out to the seller.

myKlosets offers one or more of the following:
  • Credit card: If you'd like to pay with a credit card, select the option showing the major credit card logos. The logos shown may vary by country.
  • PayPal: If you choose to pay through PayPal (or with a credit card through PayPal's Guest Checkout feature), you will be redirected to a secure PayPal page and then back to myKlosets to confirm the order.

myKlosets is a marketplace of individual sellers. Each seller is responsible for their own policies regarding shipments, refunds, and returns, as well as answering questions about their shop and products.

If you're looking to return an item or get a refund, or if you have general issues with an order, our first recommendation is that you contact the seller directly. If you're unable to get in touch with the seller or resolve things with them directly, please contact myKlosets and we will try to resolve your issue.

It's important to have a return agreement with the seller before you ship an item back. This means you'll want to ensure that you have the following:

  • Confirmation from the seller that they'll accept the return.
  • A return shipping address provided by the seller
  • The timeframe in which the seller expects to receive the returned item
  • An agreement determining which party is responsible for the cost of return shipping (the buyer or the seller)

We also recommend holding on to all records of return shipment (like tracking information or a postal receipt) in case further action is required.

Since each seller is an individual, myKlosets is not directly involved in transactions between individual buyers and sellers. This also means when you encounter an issue with a transaction (such as a non-delivery or an item not being as described), we ask that you first contact the seller directly to work towards a resolution. Because myKlosets is not directly involved in the transaction between buyers and sellers, we are unable to issue immediate refunds for purchases.

Click on the 3 bars on upper right corner. Click on Account Activity. Enter all the required fields. Hit submit. You will get a confirmation email from us. Please reply so that we can create your account.

YES. As a seller on myKlosets you're expected to clearly state your policies regarding returns and refunds in your policies. This includes

  • Whether or not you accept returns
  • The time frame in which you may accept a return
  • Who will pay for the cost of return shipping for any items that are sent back to you

If you enter into a return agreement with a buyer via Conversations or myKlosets case system, we require you to fulfill that agreement. This may include:

  • Issuing a refund for the returned item(s)
  • Providing myKlosets with proof of shipping for a replacement item

If you do have a problem with a transaction, it's best to contact the buyer directly via Conversations. Buyers are also encouraged to contact you if they experience any issues.

How to Get Started on myKlosets
  • Review our seller fees and policies to make sure that selling on myKlosets is right for you
  • Create an account?
  • Now that you have an myKlosets account, create your profile
  • Click Sell on myKlosets at the top right of the site
  • Create your first listing. It can be for a saree, chudidhar, salwar or any accessories. Take few good picture of the stuff. Spruce up your listing descriptions. Figure out how much to charge for your items.
  • Add your billing information. What we require will depend on where you're located. You may need to enter your bank details.
  • Add your policies. Figure out your plan for shipping your items. Set up shipping profiles.

Start by clicking on the Sell link at the bottom of the site. Add your first items by following the steps on the app--Start by adding images to your listing. Click the Add a photo icon to add files from your drive. You can add multiple photos at once. Once you're happy with the adjustments, click Save.

Give your item a descriptive title. Select the type and other details from the drop down. Enter the price of your item. You are done!

Your will need to enter credit card information. Your card information is secure with myKlosets, and you are welcome to pay your bill via PayPal if you'd prefer. When you finish all the sections and enter in your billing information, click POST on the bottom of the last section. You'll still be able to edit your Listing after it's open.

Are there any Fees for Selling on myKlosets?

Selling an item


5.6% of the selling price. This does not include any shipping or tax rates you may charge.

How will I Get Paid

Once the buyer receives your item, he/she will have to confirm to us. Then we will trigger the payment process which may take up to 2 weeks after we get the confirmation.

Make sure you're optimizing your listing for myKlosets Search. Make sure to add your location so that your listing can be found in local searches. Become a member and we will do everything possible to feature your listing.

  • Offer sales and discounts to your buyers.

Once published, listings stay on the site for 4 months. Choose whether you'd prefer to renew your listing manually (which you can do any time before or after a listing expires) or if the listing should renew automatically to keep it from expiring.

Add your shipping costs. You can choose Calculate them for me to have your costs calculated if you live in the United States, or enter your costs manually by selecting I'll enter fixed costs manually from the drop-down.

This listing is available to shoppers. Tell your friends about your new item and share it on Facebook or Twitter. More you share ...better the chances are of you cleaning out your closets!

About Us

This company was born with a simple idea of clearing out closet that are adorned with beautiful ethnic clothes. Hi my name is Lata and I am woman, just like you, mercurial with my fashion as it changes with the seasons outside or my moods inside. I have handmade scarves that I haven't worn in years, dangling sparkly earrings that have gone untouched, beautiful sarees made of pure silk in my closet that are collecting dust. Also like you, I despise the thought of simply throwing them away. One night, at a party I was hosting, a friend noticed my beautiful Mysore Silk saree tucked away in my closet and exclaimed how much she loved them. We decided to excitedly trade pieces of each other's closet. Well, I thought, why simply have this option amongst friends? Why don't we sell or rent our pieces to each other globally? myKlosets was born! myKlosets helps keep closets fresh and trendy.

In addition, I also wanted my company to be dedicated to help empower women and children. Thus, I added the donation feature. If you're not attached to some of the pieces in your closets, want to get rid of them, yet still don't feel like simply throwing them away, you can donate them for a great cause. myKlosets will sell every item you donate and 100% of the proceeds will go towards raising money for the "I am Safe" campaign for girls most vulnerable to sexual assault and trafficking around the world."